Nice Guys Exclusive Workshop: How to Attract the Right Girl in 30 Days


Discover a proven method to attract the RIGHT girl in 30 days or less without the use of any pickup lines or weird seduction techniques.

Have you ever wondered why some guys have all the luck in the world when it comes to women?

It’s like they have this special ability to know exactly what to say to get a woman attracted to them.

Plus, they make it look so effortless and simple!

Whereas when it comes to you … no matter what you say you’ll always end up either being rejected, ignored or friend zoned.

It’s extremely frustrating and annoying because no matter how witty, smart or engaging you try and become … nothing seems to be working.

Naturally in your search for solutions you turn to google.

Next thing you know you’re bombarded with loads of pick up lines, complicated routines and weird formulas that guarantee you success with women!

This approach doesn’t really sit well with you because it forces you to become someone whom you’re not.

So what now?

How can you improve your interactions with women without being someone whom your not and get them to be attracted to you at the same time?

Well that’s exactly what I’d like to talk about today.

Hi my name's Val Senan.

Founder of The Finest Man, where I help nice guys become more than just friends with the girls they fancy.

I feel your pain and frustration because I’ve been through that path before myself.

I was the nice guy who was always very nice and polite to the girls I was attracted to in hopes that they’ll like me back.

However no matter what I said or how engaging I tried to make the conversation, they’d almost always flock to this other guy who would openly flirt with them, make fun of them or even use vulgarities on them.

I was dumbfounded! Do women really want to be treated like this?

You know the old saying “Success leaves behind clues.”

Well I tried to be like these guys but … it ended really horribly!

The women who were once “ok” with me were now blocking me on Facebook, telling me off and some even got their friends to threaten me with physical violence!

I was completely shattered, devastated and disappointed. I didn’t want to disrespect these women.

All I wanted was to have a genuine connection with them and maybe make on of them my girlfriend.

Can you relate?

It wasn’t until I discovered this simple method that I was able to improve my interactions with women and get the RIGHT ones attracted to me in an authentic and genuine manner.

Imagine …

- being able to effortlessly speak to any girl whom you're interested in without feeling any anxiety or stress.

- not running out of things to say

- getting her to be authentically attracted to you

- getting her to say a resounding YES to going out with you without any rejections what so ever.

And the best part of all of this is you don't have to resort to sleazy seduction techniques, complicated pick up routines or become someone whom you're not to make all of the above a reality.

All you have to do is follow this simple framework which I’ve discovered and you’ll be having engaging and interesting conversations with women that might lead to a romantic date or something more.

I’ll be sharing the entire framework with you during my Live in person workshop.

Now this is not a “preview” workshop or sorts.

This is a proper training workshop where you get to learn how to integrate my framework into your daily lives right there and then.

I prefer a very hands on approach and thus be prepared for a lot of experiential hands on activities during the day.

And I'd like to share this with you during my workshop on the 25th of February.

Before I carry on, let me share what others have had to say about this workshop.

The workshop that I attended with Val was something that I was looking forward to for a couple of reasons.

For the longest time, I felt that sustaining conversations with people especially women in general were things that I found difficult.

When I went enrolled for the program and I learnt what Val shared with me, my eyes were opened to how easy it actually it is to strike and sustain conversations.

I feel more confident now at maintaining conversations and practice makes perfect so I am continuing to work at this to become more fluid in it.

Rather than faking it, I feel it is more real and genuine if it comes from within.

I would strongly recommend this course to men who find it difficult to talk to women or if you find it daunting to socialize for fear or not knowing what to say when you actually get to converse with the girl of your dreams. - AL

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to improve his dating life.

As one who is shy with women, this programme has equipped me with practical tools that can be easily applied to meet and attract women. The results have been unbelievable! - Nate

I’m 22 this year and am currently waiting to start University. Through this workshop, I did see tremendous results when went for school camps and in dating.

I went from the unnoticed quiet guy (The person whose name you don’t remember after the camp) to become man that the ladies preferred to date & marry (according to the games with played with the ladies in the 2 camps).

Also, I was actually getting successful, repeated dates with the same women from Tinder, something which was totally foreign to me.

And the best part was I wasn't faking to be some super interesting cool, rich kid.

ll I did was be my most genuine self and connected heart to heart with the women in my camp, basically applying the concepts learnt from the workshop. G

Would you like to experience similar results for yourself?

If you’ve nodded in agreement here’s what you’ll learn :

- How to use a template that’ll show you know how to lead the conversation from platonic to romantic in a matter of minutes.

- A proven formula where you’ll never run out of things to say again.

- The right time to flip her attraction hot buttons for you.

- Exactly what to say to initiate a conversation so that you don’t get rejected.

- How to never feel anxious or nervous whenever you’re speaking with an attractive woman whom you’re attracted to.

and much more!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is not a “preview workshop” of sorts.

This a fully hands-on training workshop where you’ll be required to roll up your sleeves and try out the new things that you’ve learn on that day itself.

So only attend if you’re serious about improving your interactions and communications with women.

This is not for the faint of heart and if you’re just a curious passer by then this won’t be the best fit for you.

Side effects of this workshop have included women asking attendees out on dates, new romantic relationships blossoming only after 15 days and even a proposal of sorts!

So if you can handle those side effects, then this is THE workshop for you.

You’ll leave the workshop with :

- The ability to build rapport quickly with women

- A personalised blueprint on how to make your conversations more engaging, interesting and sexy.

- A proven method to manage anxiety and reduce your rejection rates.

- More clarity on what to say and when to say it in order to lead a conversation from platonic to intimate.

Sounds good to you?

It it does, then let’s talk about the investment for such a workshop.

These kinds of training workshops can fetch a price of a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the speaker, content and number of hours.

But of course, you already knew that didn’t you?

Well then let me be very real with you.

This workshop will cost you only $30.

The fee will be used to cover the room the rental and any miscellaneous administration matters.

Now, to sweeten the deal for you and to make your investment worth while I’m going to throw in a massively useful bonus for you if you sign up now.

If you’re one of those who’ve always been swiping on tinder or sending random likes and greetings to women on various online dating platforms then you’re going to like this …

Just for signing up for the workshop i’m giving you a Beginner’s guide to texting.

This comprehensive guide comes with mini case studies, examples and clear instructions on what to do next and when.

It’s retailing at $49.90 but it’s yours complete FREE.

It’s my way of saying thank you for being bold and courageous to take a step towards turning your dating life around for the better.

So let’s recap shall we?

For just $30 you’ll be getting :

- A personalised blueprint on how to make your conversations more engaging, interesting and sexy.

- A proven method to manage anxiety and reduce your rejections rates.

- More clarity on what to say and when to say it in order to lead a conversation from platonic to intimate.

- The ability to build rapport quickly with women.

- A FREE beginners guide to texting worth $49.90.

Now, before you click register do take note that there’s an early bird price available as well.

Yup you read it correctly. An early bird price.

Which means that if you sign up right now, the workshop will only cost you $20.

That’s the price of a single drink in a club.

So for the price of an alcoholic beverage you’ll finally be able to have interesting and engaging conversations with women and be able to lead them from platonic to intimate effectively with little or almost no rejections at all.

This will save you time, money and effort in trying to attract them by running weird pick up lines, pretending to be funny and being someone whom you’re not.

As you can see there’s little to almost no risk involved and if you don’t find the workshop useful, you still go away with a free gift that is guaranteed to help you score massively in online dating.

I’ll only be opening up a few seats for this event as I want it to be a very focused group.

So register your seat now to avoid disappointment.

I’ll see you at the workshop, here’s to your finest!

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